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1977 Inaugural Committee: 1977 Inaugural Committee Cards, Pamphlets, Article ...

1977 Inaugural Committee: 1977 Inaugural Committee Cards, Pamphlets, Article ...
1977 Inaugural Committee; 1977 Inaugural Committee Cards, Pamphlets, Article and Bookmark
Overall Condition is: VERY GOOD
eight items 1. A 1977 Inauguration Ceremony General Admission Ticket to Standing Room Area Southeast Front on Capital Grounds, 2. A red, white and blue ribbon bookmark with gold gilt lining and lettering which states I Was At The Inaguration Jan. 20 1977 . 3. artlces regarding the Inaguration, One titled Inaugural invitations then, now and 4. Brendan Byrne's D. C. Party: You Could Have Phoned It In . 5. Also contains multiple 1977 Inaugural illustrated Souvenir Cards, 6. 1977 Inaugural Committee Concert Pamphlet. 7. good white stamped envelope containing a card by the Governer of N J inviting a Ms. Mary Haynie to the New Jersey reception in honor of the Inauguration and 8. Pamphlet for the Burch Mann's American Folk Ballet in honor of President Jimmy Carter's Inauguration. all the items are in good condition and may contain ink markings or writing.

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