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Ellis, William: Polynesian Researches, During a Residence of Nea

Ellis, William: Polynesian Researches, During a Residence of Nea
Ellis, William; Polynesian Researches, During a Residence of Nearly Six Months in the South Sea Islands Vols. I-II
Overall Condition is: GOOD FULL LEATHER BINDING OF THE 1900?
Gold gilt border on covers, three raised ribbs on spine, marbled fore edges, marbled endpages, brown ribbon marker, b&w frontispiece and illustrations, good binding, clean bodies, and unmarked interior. Considering the age text good condition. Light wear, rubbed covers, tanned spines, Vol. I pg. 65-66 has slight crack in hinge and page is partially detached, frontispiece ink is lightly mirrored on title page, bookplate was partially removed on inner board, the words 2 vols. 11.25 is penciled on top corner of fep, and on Vol. I the 1 x1 leather pasted title is missing. base of each spine gilted date 1829 thus suggesting tomes have been rebound circa 1900.

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