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Munsell, A.H.: Munsell Book of Color vol. 1 & 2 Defining, Explai

Munsell, A.H.: Munsell Book of Color vol. 1 & 2 Defining, Explai
Munsell, A.H.; Munsell Book of Color vol. 1 & 2 Defining, Explaining, and Illustrated the Fundmental Characteristics of Color
Overall Condition is: GOOD
A Revision and Extension of The Atlas of the Munsell Color System by A. H. Munsell, ex-library copies with stamps to spine bottoms former library stickers to inside front covers and front free endpages copies, Vol 1 red hardback, pages consisting of Hue R, Hue YR, Hue Y, Hue GY, Hue G, Hue BG, Hue B, Hue PB, Hue P, Hue RP, Value, 3, Value 4, Value 5, Value 6, Value 7, Value 8, Value 9, Chroma 2, Chroma 2, Chroma 4 R-Y-G, Chroma 4 B-P-R, Chroma 6 R-Y-G, Chroma 6 B-P-R, Chroma 8 R-Y-G, Chroma 8 B-P-R, Chroma 10, P-R-Y, Hue Special R-Y-G, Hue Special B-P-R Vol II black hard bound binder, pages secured with screws pages consisting of Hue Symbol 7.5 R, Hue Symbol 10.00 R, Hur Symbol 2.5 YR, Hue Symbol 2.5 Y, Hue Symbol 7.5 Y, Hue Symbol 10.0 Y, Hue Symbol 2.5 GY, Hue Symbol 7.5 GY, Hue Symbol 10.0 GY, Hue Symbol 2.5 G, Hue Symbol 7.5 G, Hue Symbol 10.0 G, Hue Symbol 2.5 BG, Hue Symbol 7.5 BG, Hue Symbol 10.0 BG, Hue Symbol 2.5 B, Hue Symbopl 7.5 B, Hue Symbol 10.0 B, Hue Symbol 2.5 PB, Hue Symbol 10.0 PB, Hue Symbol 2.5 P, Hue Symbol 7.5 P, Hue Symbol 10.0 P, Hue Symbol 2.5 RP, Hue Symbol 7.5 RP, Hue Symbol 10.0 Munsell's color atlas was re-measured and calibrated by the Optical Society of America in 1929. -

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