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Paez, José Antonio Venezuela Presid...: The Personal Library o

Paez, José Antonio  Venezuela Presid...: The Personal  Library o
Paez, José Antonio Venezuela President; Ramon Paez; Catalina E. V.Paez; The Personal Library of José Antonio Páez (1790-1873), President of Venezuela SOME SIGNED he & family
, , 2018 ,
Overall Condition is: GOOD
For $15.00 YOU WILL RECEIVE a complete list of the collection of books. A collection of over a 100 books from the personal and family library of José Antionio Páez and his descendants, including books signed by Páez himself, the Chilean statesman and journalist Antonio José de Irisarri, and the Mexican author Juan de Dios Peza. Nicknamed ‘The Centaur of the Plains’, Páez fought alongside the legendary Simón Bólivar against the Spanish Empire in the wars of independence. He later dominated Venezuelan politics, serving as president three times between 1830 and 1863. 90 titles are from 1808 to 1895, while 9 are from 1904 to 1945. Below, you will find a brief history of Páez and a random selection of titles from the collection. Please email for more information. A brief history of Páez The office of President of Venezuela has existed since 1811, when Venezuela declared independence from the Spanish Crown; the first president was Cristóbal Mendoza. From 1821 to 1830, Venezuela was a member state of Gran Colombia, and the Venezuelan executive was absorbed by the Colombian government in Bogotá. When the State of Venezuela became independent from the union, the office of the president was restored under José Antonio Páez. Every head of state of Venezuela since then has held the title of President. José Antonio Páez was a Venezuelan leader who fought against the Spanish Crown under Simón Bólivar during the Venezuelan Wars of Independence. He later led Venezuela’s breakaway from Gran Columbia and became a central figure of Venezuelan politics for over two decades. Páez was of humble origins. His father was a low-level employee and he worked in slave-like conditions as a boy. By the age of twenty, he was earning money by trading cattle. In 1810 he began his ascent to power by joining a cavalry regiment led by a former employee of his. The collection comprises over a 100 books from the library of José Antonio Páez and his family, including those signed by Páez himself. There are books signed by the following people: José Antonio Páez Ramon Páez (son of José Antonio, author and naturalist) Catalina Páez CO Páez JA Páez F.Y. Ada Buruaga Sta C. Páez Manuel Rodriguez-Llamosas Juan de Dios Peza (renowned Mexican author) Catalina Páez Salva ‘D .V.’ Antonio José de Irisarri (Guatemalan-Chilean statesman and journalist) Eduardo Blanco (Venezuelan writer and politician, aide-de-camp to José Antonio Páez) A selection of titles: 1. Tomas, D and Signed by Co Páez; fábulas literarias de D. Tomas de Iriarte cotejadas con el borrador original con adicion de seis fabulas originales   1894 2. Tomas, D and Signed by Co Páez; fábulas literarias de D. Tomas de Iriarte cotejadas con el borrador original con adicion de seis fabulas originales   1894 3. J. S. A. signed CO Páez & JA Páez; Impressos and Poesias Diversas 1808 4. De Souza-Andrade, Joaquim signed Jose A Páez & Catalina V. Páez; Varias Estancias Harpas Eolias and Impressos Guesa Errante  1869 5. Alfonso, Don Jose Luis signed JA Páez, CV Páez, Ramon Páez, Catalina E. V.Páez; Cantos de un Peregrino Poesias   1863 6. Libreria De Jose Masias E Hijo and Signed by Co Páez & Ja Páez; Nueva Biblioteca de la Risa por una Sociedad de Literatos de buen Humor  1861 7.Morilla, Doctor Don Jose Maria signed by C.V.Páez Inscribed by Author; Tratado de Derecho Administrativo Español por el Doctor Don José María Morilla Magistrado cesante de la real audiencia de Santo  1865 8..Helps, Arthur signed by Ramon Páez twice on endpaper and title page; Life of Pizarro with some account of His Associates in the Conquest of Peru  1869 9..Carlyle, Thomas; Sartor Resartus the Lie and Opinions of Herr Teufelsdrockh in three books  1885 10. de Rojas, El Marques signed by Ramon Páez; Simón Bolívar por El Marqués de Rojas Correspondiente de la Real Academia Espanola Oficial de Instruccion Publica en Francia  1883 11. Baraya. Jose Maria signed by Ramon Páez; Biografias Militares o Historia Militar Del Paisen Medio Siglo 1874 12..Brito, Sr. Gral Pedro Arismendi and signed by Catalina Páez; Parnaso Venezolano Selectas Composiciones Poeticas Coleccionadas for C. B.A.  1906 13. Beecher, Henry Ward; Life thoughts gathered from the Extemporaneous Discourses of Henry Ward Beecher by one of his Congregation  1858 14.. Bell, E.; Plays of Lessing: Nathan the Wise and Minna von Barnhelm  1888 15. Cisneros, Francisco Javier; Ferro-Carriles de Via Estrecha and Vias Angostas  1872

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