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Zaboly, Gary Stephen: A True Ranger: The Life And Many Wars of Major Robert R...

Zaboly, Gary Stephen: A True Ranger: The Life And Many Wars of Major Robert R...
Zaboly, Gary Stephen; A True Ranger: The Life And Many Wars of Major Robert Rogers
Overall Condition is: AS NEW
excellent condition Pictoral glossy dust jacket. Gilt title on spine and cover. Pictoral paste-down and free endpaper front and back. Illustrations, sketches and pictures throughout the book by Gary Zoboly. Elaborate detail of frontiersman conquests and living in the 1700's. DEFINITIVE COMPLETE ACADEMIC BIOGRAPHY OF ROGERS.EXTENSIVE BIBLIOGRAPHY. Robert Rogers nimbly transcended his role as an unrivaled Ranger commander, for many his precise historical legacy remains difficult to decipher or categorize. To his contemporaries he was sometimes a baffling, strange figure who appeared to be everywhere at once, propelling himself even through civilian life like a dauntless commando. He was Daniel Boone, Benvenuto Cellini, and George S. Pattonrolled into one; an incongruous fusion of restlessness, audacity, creativity, rascality, and guts. Once, as powerful factions connived to isolate and destroy him, he described himself as another Columbus... confined & illtreated for his services to the Country. He meant every word of it. His deeds as a warrior had made him an overnight star; after Benjamin Franklin he was the most famous American-born celebrity of the 1750s and 1760s. And, like Columbus, he had won the enviable approbation of a King and his ministers to discover the fabled short cut to China. I consider him to have been one of the most talented men of the country-perhaps the best partizan officer this country ever produced. I believe him to have been the author of that perfect mode of attack and defence which enabled a hundred of the Rangers to do more service than thousands of the British regulars, especially in the Winter service of the old war 1756. Such safety to troops on fatigue, amid the serverest seasons of a severe climate, was never before secured. Such certainty in the results either on the advance or retreat, perhaps has never been realized by another force than the Rangers, under the perfect arrangement and discipline invented by Rogers. I consider him to have been as great a man in his peculiar sphere as Napoleon Bonaparte, and for decision and firmness equal to Andrew Jackson -Governer Isaac Hill of New Hampshire, 1842

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