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Hill, Napoleon: The Magic Ladder to Success

Hill, Napoleon: The Magic Ladder to Success
Hill, Napoleon; The Magic Ladder to Success
Overall Condition is: GOOD
1921 MAY This 36 PAGE book was printed in 1921 which was 9 years before the hardcover copy of this book was published. AND 4 YEARS BEFORE THE LAWS OF SUCCESS WAS FIRST PUBLISHED Book Condition: Good, general shelf wear, rubbed covers, small creases on spine edges, stapled at spine (as issued), pgs. 13-21 are detached but present, very small barely visible soil spot on front cover, two small inscription on first page from previous owner, lightly age-toned page edges. Also, there is a purple triangle with the initials NH on the front cover, and the rear cover has a quote from Napoleon Hill with the first letter of the quote in purple like the initials on the front cover. THIS TRUE FIRST EDITION OF MAGIC LADDER PAPERBACK CONTAINS 36 PAGES. THE LATTER 1930 HARDBACK EDITION HAS BEEN EXPANDED TO 196 PAGES Quote from Hill, I dedicate this book to William French, President of Barnhart and Spindles, of Chicago, to whom I owe more than I can express in words. Mr. French was the first friend I made after coming to Chicago ten years ago, and was one of the few men who looked over, through and beyond the crude, outer covering of ignorance which dominated my personality, and became my friend on account of that which he saw lying dormant in my soul, awaiting the awakening hand of time and experience. Much of the best I have written was inspiried by suggestions from Mr. French, given in ordinary conversation, out of his own rich fund of knowledge. Below This quote has Napoleon Hill's printed signature??? Hill has written this book beginning with Rung No. 1 : A Definite Aim in Life to Rung No. 16 : The Golden Rule ALWAYS INTERESTED IN BUYING NAPOLEON HILL

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