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Old Atlantic City Photographs

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Atlantic City Skyline, circa 1968
Skyline view showing major amusement piers in AC where
millions came to vacation, even before gambling.
Park Place in front of Claridge Hotel along with
Marlborough Blenheim, Dennis + Shelburne Hotels
One could enjoy not only summertime pleasures of beach and
boardwalk, but wintertime salt air and horseback riding on the beach
Miss America 1938
Miss America has been gracing the Atlantic City Shore since 1921
It has evolved into a multimillion dollar scholarship,
the Heisman Trophy or young women's education
A Nor'easter flooded out a candy store owner in the 1800's, thus salt water taffy was born in Atlantic City.
Walking down the boardwalk night or day, one would smell the aroma of roasted peanuts several blocks before the world famous Planters Peanuts. The peanuts were roasted and conveyor-belt cooled throughout the store. Tons were sold each week, a bag at time.
Entrance to Steeplechase Pier with amusement rides for
the whole family, next door to the Famous Steel Pier.
The World Famous Steel Pier, two movie theaters, music hall and ballroom, water circus of Hawaiian High Divers and the diving horse were just some of the attractions one could see for grand admission of one dollar.
Over a thousand feet long, Atlantic City held the Guiness Book of World Record for the most amusement piers in one city
The marquis speaks for itself, all of the well known entertainers came to Atlantic City to vacation and perform. One's career was launched after you played Steel Pier. From big bands to rock-n-roll,
the music shook the Pier, more than waves striking the pilings.
Constructed in 1898, it still entertains today as an amusement ride center